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Technology Driven, Excellent Innovation

Under the philosophy "In Partnership We Prosper & Sreeya aims to grow and develop together with its business partners by not only taking advantage of opportunities, but also creating and providing new opportunities through various superior technology-based innovations to share shared values and prosperity.

Halal Blockchain

Access on transparent chicken slaughtering process in accordance to Islamic law required by LPPOM MUI.

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Smart Poultry 4.0

Sreeya's digital transformation in optimizing pen management by combining IOT (Internet of Things) and sensor data with analytical data and machine learning to obtain healthy live bird results.

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Pineapple Extract Feed Innovation

Broiler feed innovation formulated with Pineapple Extract as an anti-inflammatory in livestock which really helps chickens to have a good metabolic system and digestibility, enable to produce fatter and healthier chickens with better meat taste.

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