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Contribution in
Creating Goodness.

Give attention to the social environment in which we are.


In environmental aspect, the Company upholds a commitment to use eco-friendly material and energy in its operational area as well as support recycle initiative and optimum waste treatment.

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Occupational Health and Safety

The Company treats Employees as valuable assets by guaranteeing equality of gender and career opportunity, providing sufficient occupational equipment and safety as well as committed to establish Zero Accident working place.

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Social and Community Development

The Company is committed to provide added-value to the society as one of our Stakeholders by offering job opportunity for local workers and organizes various education-based community development activity, social facilities and infrastructures renovation as well as other donations.

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Product Responsibility

The Company produces the products in compliance with customer health and safety standard consistently as well as provides information and complaint channels regarding the products via phone (021) 5099 1599, fax (021) 2708 3636 and e-mail info.sreeya@sreeyasewu.com.

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