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Producing wide variety of products, supported with innovative technology.


Sreeya manages feedmills producing feed for broilers, layers, breeders, feed concentrates, quail feed, and other feeding materials.

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Day Old Chick

Day Old Chicks (“DOC”) is commercial one-day chicks product. The Company breeds DOC Brioler, DOC Layers (Female), DOC Layers (Male) to produce high-quality chicken meat and eggs.

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Live Bird

Sreeya also breeds Live Bird through commercial farms for approximately 35 days prior to harvest time with average weight of 1.3 kg – 2 kg.

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The products include carcass, partings and boneless. Chicken products being marketed in several international fast food restaurant in Indonesia, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets.

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Processed Food

PT Belfoods Indonesia, offers range of fast-food processed chicken products such as chicken nugget, sausage, corned and meatball.

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