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Halal Blockchain

The First And The One and Only Halal Blockchain In Indonesia In The Poultry Industry.

Halal Blockchain is Sreeya & proud digital transformation. The data that was previously administered manually is now digitally integrated so that apart from being transparent, the data in Halal Blockchain is also safer, guaranteed and can be accounted for. Customers can access all information related to the halal process through the QR Code contained in the Company & products.

Through the Halal Blockchain, customers and consumers can access the chicken slaughtering process transparently according to Islamic law required by LPPOM MUI.

100% Halal
Transparent Process
Data Integrity

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Halal Blockchain

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Halal Blockchain

We appreciate and congratulate the establishment of the first Halal Block chain Slaughterhouse in Indonesia and Sreeya was also a pioneer of Chicken Slaughterhouses with Halal certification from Majelis Ulama Indonesia. It gives an added value to provide safety and comfort in consuming the fresh chicken products for Consumers. We give full support and hope that in the future Halal Block chain can develop and benefit for the society.

- Sumnar Jati, representative from LPPOM-MUI

More about Our Technology

More about Our Technology

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